Cadbury World

Ignite the senses on the Cadbury World Experience (60 mins). Learn about the history of Cadbury and chocolate as you journey through time in the Visitor Centre. Then follow your guide to the Cadbury World Sensory Lab where you will discover and sample the different elements of the chocolate making process, from cocoa bean all the way through to the famous Cadbury Chocolate.

The Sensory Lab is where chocolate comes to life right before your eyes! You will see chocolate being tempered and even get to create a little Marvellous Creation of your own!

The tour concludes with a sweet splash as you enjoy the unique Cadbury World chocolate fall.

If you are pushed for time, take a self-guided tour of the Cadbury World Visitor Centre, approximately 10-15 minutes.

You’ll see how delicious Cadbury chocolate has evolved over the years, view popular Cadbury television advertisements and miniature Cadbury truck replicas all with a yummy goodie bag in hand.

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For more information on Cadbury World please visit the Cadbury World website or contact our Distinction Dunedin Hotel team who can offer a wealth of advise on Dunedin activities and attractions.

Cadbury World, located only 10 minutes walk from Distinction Dunedin Hotel is a magical place full of fun things to see and do. It’s here you’ll learn about the history of the most wonderful invention in the world – chocolate!
Cadbury World
Distinction Dunedin HotelCadbury World
Distinction Dunedin HotelCadbury World
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